About Peter Peters

I have been advising sleep seekers for over 25 years.

As a bed and sleep expert, I know how to choose the individual components of a bed so that they are optimally tailored to you in terms of function and design.

In this way, I am able to find the optimal recipe for the type of mattress, spring base, textiles and pillows for everyone who is looking for sleep, to suit their individual dimensions - size - weight - body type - and sleeping habits.


Individual analysis

We don't leave your sleep to chance. Based on ergonomic, orthopedic and optical aspects, we analyze and find your optimal recipe.
Together we will find the ideal bed or mattress for you.

Our standard

We deliver with the utmost care and discretion because we enter your most private space: the bedroom.

Our service

Every detail, no matter how small, counts so that you can drift off to sleep easily. The felt feet are mounted, the parquet is protected, the bed linen is freshly made, the pillow is fluffed. The old bed needs to be disposed? It is done!

Showroom in Horgen
Showroom in Horgen
We set great importance to high quality.
Showroom in Horgen
We work with high quality textiles.
Showroom in Horgen
We fulfill every wish, no matter how individual.
Showroom in Horgen
We put together selected materials for you.
Showroom in Horgen
We carry the most exclusive brands.