Individual consultation in our private showroom

To sleep well is to live well.

High-quality Boxspring beds and bed systems perfectly tailored to your needs – together we will find the ideal bed or mattress for you.

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We do not leave your sleep to chance

Does that sound familiar? The night before an important meeting, you find it hard to fall asleep? And no matter how you toss and turn, it's still not comfortable? It's like a tailor-made suit. It can only sit properly if you take exact measurements.

We go the extra mile

Every detail, no matter how small, counts so that you can drift off to sleep easily. The felt feet are mounted, the parquet is protected, the bed linen is freshly made, the pillow is fluffed. The old bed needs to be disposed? It is done!

White Glove Delivery

Because we enter your most private space: the bedroom, we deliver with care and the utmost discretion.


Visit us in our showroom in Horgen and let us advise you individually. Book your appointment now for your personal consultation.